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Experts we have supplied via our Searchline
  • Jul 13, 2021
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Over the past few days we have supplied the following experts via our Searchline

Obstetrician to assess mother in care proceedings (London area) - South London Legal Partnership

Urologist - Cooper Hall Solicitors

Statistition to interpret information from a journal (toxicology) - litigant in person

Psychiatrist (Hull) - Speed Medical

Data expert to look into security breech on email - litigant in person

Psychiatrist (Exeter) - Speed Medical

Expert to test saliva - litigant in person

Psychiatrist (London) for mental capapcity assessment - litigant in person

Periodontal specialist (London) - Bee Legal

Consultant paediatrician (West Sussex) - National Legal Services

Psychiatrist with expertise in mental capacity - Stephensons Solicitors LLP

Obstetrician, geneticist and paediatric endocrinologist to attend court in North Wales - Russell & Russell

Child psychiatrist - Right Medical

Spinal surgeon (Kent) - Right Medical

Psychologist (Wales) - NDP Legal

Upper limb surgeon (Yorkshire) - Right Medical

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